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Groupon / Living Social Redemption Process

If you purchased a GroupOn / Living Social Experience Deal and want to redeem it you can book your tour directly on the calendar using this link: . Please make sure to include your GroupOn Voucher code (7 or 8 digits only next to the barcode)  and make sure to use the "Pay In Person" option when it comes to the payment options. We will redeem the coupon with Groupon  and then mark the booking as paid. 


A second option is to complete the form below and submit it. We will review it and contact you to let you know if the requested dates are available and what ever else is needed to co-ordinate your tour, rental or booking.  To order your lunches please click here. Please note: Each person on the tour must complete a lunch order form or they will receive the default lunch. 

GroupOn / Living Social Redemption

Thanks for submitting!

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