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E-Bike FAQ's

E-Bike FAQ’s


Why & What Are E-Bikes?

  • E-Bikes are regular bicycles that you can pedal as a normal bike. They also have an "electric" motor that will "assist" you pedaling as much or as little as you want. You can even choose not to pedal at all and they will still do over 20 miles per hour.  

  • They will give you freedom to go where you want when you want.

  • Easy and safe way to conduct a self guided or guided winery tour.

  • Visit wineries that normal "tours" are not allowed to. Many wineries in Temecula do not allow the tour companies to visit. You can visit them with the E-bikes. 

  • Most wineries allow you to park and secure the E-Bike at the front door. No more parking far away and making those long walks to the tasting room. 

  • You can enjoy the sites and smells of wine country and the fresh air.

  • With electric bikes you can just push the button and get an exhilarating ride or let it assist your pedaling as much as you want or just turn it off and ride it like a regular bike and get as much outdoor exercise as you want.

  • We provide loads of conveniences such as cooler/backpacks that can be worn or strapped to the bike, bike locks, helmets, water bottle holders, baskets and so much more.

  • Don't have to wait sometimes upto 30 mins for ubers or ride shares between wineries.

  • Walking between wineries that are 20+ acres big could take as long at 30 mins, bikes take 5 minutes. 

  • We have brand new, high quality E-Bikes that we maintain meticulously.

  • We are the local experts on the local wineries and riding E-Bikes through Temecula Wine Country.

  • Our commitment to your safety and security through tutorials, helmets, lights, locks and planned routes

  • A fleet of bikes with many sizes and options to ensure we get the right bike for you.

  • We have kids seats for 35 lbs and under, plus youth towable bikes that attach to the e-bike for 36 lbs and above.

  • The primary renter must be above 21 years of age but we do allow kids to ride the e-bikes while riding with the primary renter / adult / parent. 

Our Conveniences?
The bikes do have keys for you to park the bike at the winery and lock the bike and take the key with you. They can not be ridden electrical without the key. however they can be pedaled away. Therefore  we do provide additional bike locks to lock the bike while you are away from the bike. Most wineries do not offer bike racks (yet) but all our bikes do have kick stands and can be parked and locked up at the entrances to the winery tasting rooms.  Here is a list of "Bike Friendly Wineries" we suggest you visit. 

We also offer you a backpack/cooler that you can carry your personal items (keys, wallet, purse) and a lunch, waters, cheese and crackers  and you can put your purchases and bring it back with you. 

How are you keeping us safe during E-Bike Rentals during COVID-19?
We require masks during the e-bike pickup and drop off and during your stops at wineries. We offer hand sanitizer and clean and sanitize the E-bike between each rentals.  We offer sanitizer for you to use on your helmet. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

Do I Need Reservations?
Yes, reservations are a must. You can book directly on our
website booking calendar or contact us at 1 800  279-6110 or

Where Do You Pick up and Drop off the E-Bikes?
You will Pick up and Drop off your E-Bike at our location located in the hHeart of Wine Country. (Here is a link to a PDF Map showing our location. ) The address is


40001 Meng Asbury Rd, Temecula, CA, 92591 

We do offer free parking at our location. 

How Long Is The E-Bike Rental For?
For the Self Guided Tour and Full Day Rental you will pick up the E-Bikes at 11:00 am and Drop it off anytime before 5:00 pm. For the Half Day Rental Morning you will pick up the E-Bikes at 11:00 am and Drop it off anytime before 2:00 pm. For the Half Day Rental Afternoon you will pick up the E-Bikes at 2:00 pm and Drop it off anytime before 5
:00 pm. 


Do You Accommodate Kids?

Yes, we have two solutions. First is for children under 40 lbs. We will attach a child's backrest seat to the frame on the rear of the bike. It replaces the rack on the back of the bike. It does have a backrest, seatbelt  and safety straps and buckles to keep your child safe. A second solution is a tow behind bicycle that your child over 40 lbs can ride and pedal behind you. This seat does have a backrest and seat belt keeping your child safe. Your child does not need to know how to ride. 

Is Gratuity Included In The Price?
No, gratuity is at your discretion and gracefully accepted by our staff for a job-well-done. A general rule of thumb is a 15% gratitude or $5 per person.

What If I Need To Cancel My Reservation, Am I Charged For The Reservation?
All sales are non-refundable, but a “credit voucher” will be issued for your ticket price if you provide us in writing 72-hour notice that you will not be making your tour. We also make it very easy to reschedule your tour at least 72 hours before departure by clicking a link in your TWCE account. Go to My Bookings page and you can cancel or reschedule. No refund for no-show No refund if canceled the day before the reservation. We encourage customers to make cancellation requests through email during the operating hours. We do not take overnight email into consideration and will mark them as received at our opening hour in the morning. Cancellation request by voicemail and text message are not accepted.


Is a Pre-Packed Lunch Included?

Yes, included in the price of Self Guided E-BikeTour is a pre-packed lunch, cheese and crackers and waters that can be ordered here. If you just did E-Bike Rentals then a Pre-Packed lunch, cheese and crackers and waters can be purchased for an additional fee of $15.  Here is a link to order lunch.


What Type of E-Bikes do you have?
We have a full range of E-Bikes. We have small, medium and large E-Bikes. We have 20" wheels, 26" wheels, beach cruisers and traditional fat tire bikes.

How many is a minimum for the E-Bike Rental?
We only need 1 (One) guests for the e-bike rental to happen.

Do You Operate All Year Around?
We operate year-round and in all weather unless we deem it too dangerous for the E-Bike Rental


Will you give us a lesson prior to taking off on our adventure?

Yes absolutely. We provide as much training as needed but generally you will receive a 10 minutes instruction on how to use the E-Bike and then you can practice in a safe area for as long as you want prior to taking off on your adventure. 


Technical Questions?

How long will the battery last?

Depends on your speed and how much you pedal verses how much you allow the E-Bike to assist you. It can vary from 10 hours to 2 hours. If you run full speed without pedaling they will last about 2 hours. If you pedal a lot and use very little assist then 10 hours

How far do they go?

Depends on your speed and how much you pedal and allow the bike to assist you. It can vary from 50 miles to 20 miles. If you run full speed without pedaling about 20 miles. If you pedal a lot and ride slowly then 50 miles

How fast do they go ?

Slow is 7 miles per hour Medium is 12 miles per hour and  Fast is 22miles  per hour. We recommend you keep it slow and enjoy wine country. So use speed 1.

What safety items do you provide ?

We provide and require helmets. (Don't worry we disinfect them and you can disinfect them before taking them)

All the bikes have front lights and back lights as does the helmets. Although you won't be riding at night we do recommend that you turn the lights on to be seen . 

Rules and Regulations

  1. All riders MUST wear helmets

  2. E-bikes on extreme right-hand side of streets and recreational bike path to and from designated areas.

  3. E-bikes must obey all DMV laws where streets and cars are concerned. Use hand signals, ride with direction of traffic to the far right, etc. No U-turn, racing or reckless driving. 

  4. Riding an E-bike while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is considered a felony and prosecuted under California Vehicle Code 23152(a) VC - DUI of Alcohol.

  5. Please check brakes before leaving the rental area and obey all instructions given.

  6. You can watched the safety and tutorial video below.

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